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Stephanie has been involved in the Arts from a young age whether it was sewing, crafting or performance. Unfortunately throughout her school years she always had to choose between Art and Music classes and decided to stay consistent and follow the musical path the entire way. She went on to study Musical Theatre at the Hartt School of Music and still has an active career as a performer on cruise ships and performs regularly in local restaurants and private events.


When she is not sailing the seas, she spends countless hours teaching herself art and crafting skills. It started as a form of therapy and has grown into a true passion. Always excited to learn a new art skill, Stephanie has dabbled in many art forms including acrylic painting, sewing, resin art, wood burning and more. Stephanie’s drive grew after her husband, Robert, signed her up to take part in a holiday craft event, knowing that she had the passion for art and crafts but not the confidence to sell her work. After that successful event, she went on to develop her own business, YEScreative, and is so very grateful for the nudge to take the leap.


During the pandemic Stephanie switched gears to mask making with her own comfort design. Stephanie made over 6,000 custom masks while still working full time as an essential worker. Now that mask demand has slowed down, she is happy to have more time to create new works both in the studio and on stage.

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Stephanie Yonskie

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