Literature themed arts exhibition

Artist Registration & Information

PLEASE READ: Inclusion in this exhibition is dependent upon receipt of completed registration form, receipt of hanging fee(s) (non-members only), and space available.

In the event your registration is not approved, hanging fee(s), if applicable, will be refunded.

After successful registration, you will be contacted via email to confirm participation and further details on set-up, take down, etc.

Hanging Fee:

  • There is no hanging fee for Highlands Arts Alliance members.

  • For non-members, there is a $10 hanging fee per piece, which must be paid before August 1, 2022.

  • All artists may submit more than one piece, but non-members must pay a $10 hanging fee for each piece of artwork they wish to submit. 

  • 50% of each hanging fee will be donated to Highland Falls Library.


Artwork Requirements:

  • All artwork should reflect the exhibition's theme and be suitable for general audiences.

  • All artwork must be framed and ready to hang. Highland Falls Library and Highlands Arts Alliance will not provide frames or other hardware needed for hanging.


Please provide the following information about your artwork for wall labels when asked:

  • artist's name

  • title of the work

  • medium

  • size



  • If you wish to sell your work, we'll need the following information for the price sheet when asked - price, full name, phone number and email address.

  • Highland Falls Library and Highlands Arts Alliance will not take any commission or seller’s fees, nor will it handle any transactions between artists and buyers. It is the sole responsibility of the artist to arrange sale and receipt of the work with the buyer.

at Highland Falls Library

298 Main Street, Highland Falls, NY 10928

August 2022

Books are more than words. They are vessels of inspiration, thrills, comfort, controversy, and knowledge. The stories, symbols or facts they contain have the possibility to be eye-opening and life changing. And that's why Highlands Arts Alliance in conjunction with Highland Falls Library, are celebrating books and the power they have on us.

Artists are invited to interpret the theme as they wish. You can paint a scene from your favorite story, create a portrait of your favorite author or literary character, make a still life drawing of your book collection, maybe give new life to worn, tattered pages as an engaging collage - the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! 

If you are an artist age 13 or older and would like to participate in this exhibition, please see the Artists Registration & Information section below for further details. 

Libraries are more than books and books are more than words.

Reading a Book
Step 1 - Artist Registration

Please indicate below if you are currently a Highlands Arts Alliance (HAA) member or not. There is no hanging fee for members, but a $10 fee per piece for non-members.

Hanging Fee:

Non-members can pay hanging fees using the PayPal button in Step 2.

Thank You for Registering! Non-members, don't forget your payment!

Step 2 - Payment

Non-members, please pay your total hanging fee(s) with PayPal: