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Ever since Marie Perry-Edwards can remember, art has been a way to escape her reality and enter another dimension. She grew up in Jamaica and would look out the window and think about her future. When Marie looks back at her sketchpad, she realizes she has designed the life of her dreams. Her earliest sketches depict clouds, trees and gardens. 


Marie began painting in 2016. She attended an acrylic painting course at Mount Saint Mary College, Desmond Campus, and decided to pursue painting further. She continued taking classes in drawing and acrylics and learned various techniques. She also took private acrylic painting lessons with Rebecca Cornell, the owner of ARTBOX Studio and oil painting lessons from Mitchell Saler.


Her media is primarily acrylics, and she also paints in oil. She displays and sells her art at various venues and on She is a member of the Middletown Art Group and Highland Arts Alliance and enjoys being involved in the art community. Her paintings can also be viewed on Instagram @Mariesartisticdesign. For clients interested in prints, they are available upon request.


Artist Statement:

In my work, I paint objects that convey my energy and inspiration. My goal is for people to see my paintings and become involved. I want my audience to feel like they could jump into the scene, especially if it is a seascape or landscape. For my abstracts, viewers can grasp the impressions I am conveying and go on that journey with me.


Art to me is an expression of myself which is done through my feelings, interpretations, impressions, expectations, desires and a quest to portray my innermost thoughts through movement of paint on canvas. The process of painting is tranquil and peaceful just like playing the piano. I get lost in the moment and time while painting the beauty of nature on canvas or hammering out musical notes on the keys. Art allows me to step outside of the box and get messy and creative. I am able to look at the canvas and allow my hands to flow. It is like I am being guided and shown where to place the tree for peace, the sky for love and all the other details are added for a harmonic balance. Aristotle said, “The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” I could not agree more. Painting is relaxing and exciting because I am able to bring the canvas to life whether it be a landscape, seascape or abstract. The feeling of accomplishment upon completion is vastly exhilarating and satisfying. Some people see my work and are reminded of their past and others are inspired about their future.

Marie Perry-Edwards

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