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Karen Parashkevov has been shooting photos for over 40 years using various genres of cameras from the old brownie to today’s hi-tech mirrorless equipment. The world beckons to be noticed in so many ways and photography is one of her spiritual ways of bonding with the beauty and the challenges that surround us all.  Each shoot, she heads out on a special journey set on capturing memorable moments in time. The best of those captured moments she then reflects upon, savors and most importantly shares with those around her.    


As she is easily inspired when camera is in hand, she may be instantly led down many paths. Her focus generally encompasses landscape, structural, urban and nature reflection photography, graffiti reimagined and social realism. She has also combined photography with other media to create a different level of design. As the journey continues, the focus evolves. 


Photographic and Concept Art Techniques:

  • Reflection Photography 

  • Fine Art Conceptual Photography

  • Black & White

  • Abstract Photography

  • Intentional Camera Movement

  • Creative Image Manipulation (Manipulated Photography)

  • Encaustic Photography

  • Concept Art with Digital Editing (hand drawn/digital editing)


Her work has been exhibited at: 




If you are interested in viewing any of her images by category or in general, or if she can help you realize a vision of your own, she can be contacted at:

Karen Parashkevov

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