Jay LeRoy

Jay is an artist, graphic designer, and sometimes writer, living in New York's beautiful and historic Hudson Valley. In 2018, he founded Cornwall Arts Collective, an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the arts in Cornwall, New York. And in March of 2021, he founded Highlands Arts Alliance to promote the arts in the Town of Highlands, New York.

Though predominantly self-taught, he studied art and graphic design in high school, media production at SUNY Rockland and graphic design with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division.

Drawing is Jay's favorite form of expression, but he also works in collage, loves to paint and craft, as well as experiment with digital photography and illustration. His work has been described as "mystical" and doesn't shy away from metaphysical, occult, and paranormal themes. Inspired by the symbolic art of alchemy and tarot, 1960's psychedelia and pop art, Surrealism and Art Deco, even comic books have had a major impact on Jay's artistic evolution.

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