Enhancing life with art

Our ideas for community outreach...

  • Artists Roundtables to introduce creatives to the community and encourage interest and dialogue.

  • Art history lectures with local and regional experts.

  • Artist Demonstrations to educate the public on how art can be made.

  • Establish a Senior Citizens Art Club

  • Field trips to regional arts venues such as Storm King Art Center, Dia:Beacon, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and more.

  • Seasonal window painting contests for children.

  • Arts-themed fundraisers for good causes.

Highlands Arts Alliance knows that art and culture are important to a thriving community. That's why we want to encourage residents' participation in community art projects and events, to inspire exploration and invite collaboration.

... and encouraging tourism with art!

  • Support the Highland Falls ArtWalk and help to make it an annual event

  • Pop-up exhibitions during USMA Parent Weekends

  • Acoustic music/open mic events

  • "Arts Nights" along Main Street

  • Holiday Artisan Market

  • Murals and other public art installations

Supporting arts in schools

How we think we can help:

  • Promote HF-FMCSD arts events on our social media accounts.

  • Annual Young Artists online exhibitions (grades K through 8).

  • Student field trips to regional arts venues like Storm King Art Center, Dia:Beacon, and others.

  • Develop a mentorship program for James I. O'Neill High School students with arts professionals around the area.

  • An arts scholarship for a graduating O'Neill senior.

  • Help find arts internship opportunities for O'Neill high school students.

  • Assist in connecting teachers with professional artists who would like to offer lectures to specific arts classes/clubs.

We also intend to support and promote the arts education within the Highland Falls - Fort Montgomery Central School District. While STEM is important, the arts are crucial to a well-rounded education and for a student's personal growth.