Enhancing life with art

Our ideas for community outreach...

  • Artists Roundtables to introduce creatives to the community and encourage interest and dialogue.

  • Art history lectures with local and regional experts.

  • Artist Demonstrations to educate the public on how art can be made.

  • Establish a Senior Citizens Art Club

  • Field trips to regional arts venues such as Storm King Art Center, Dia:Beacon, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and more.

  • Seasonal window painting contests for children.

  • Arts-themed fundraisers for good causes.

Highlands Arts Alliance knows that art and culture are important to a thriving community. That's why we want to encourage residents' participation in community art projects and events, to inspire exploration and invite collaboration.

Playing the Guitar
Looking at Art
Graffiti Artists
Man in Clay Workshop

... and encouraging tourism with art!

  • Support the Highland Falls ArtWalk and help to make it an annual event

  • Pop-up exhibitions during USMA Parent Weekends

  • Acoustic music/open mic events

  • "Arts Nights" along Main Street

  • Holiday Artisan Market

  • Murals and other public art installations

Supporting arts in schools

How we think we can help:

  • Promote HF-FMCSD arts events on our social media accounts.

  • Annual Young Artists online exhibitions (grades K through 8).

  • Student field trips to regional arts venues like Storm King Art Center, Dia:Beacon, and others.

  • Develop a mentorship program for James I. O'Neill High School students with arts professionals around the area.

  • An arts scholarship for a graduating O'Neill senior.

  • Help find arts internship opportunities for O'Neill high school students.

  • Assist in connecting teachers with professional artists who would like to offer lectures to specific arts classes/clubs.

We also intend to support and promote the arts education within the Highland Falls - Fort Montgomery Central School District. While STEM is important, the arts are crucial to a well-rounded education and for a student's personal growth.

Art Gallery
Art Class
Travel Photographer
Violin Player