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Highlands Arts Alliance (HAA) and Cornwall Arts Collective (CAC) are pleased to announce the merger of both organizations into the Cornwall-Highlands Arts Alliance (CHAA) on January 1, 2024.


After much discussion among respective leadership it was agreed that combining resources, responsibilities, and talents will prove beneficial in continuing the mission of supporting the Arts in both the Town of Highlands and Town of Cornwall.


In July, HAA and CAC entered into “creative partnership”, extending their respective benefits and opportunities to the members of both groups. But on January 1, 2024, the groups will officially merge into a single organization (CHAA).

Highlands Arts Alliance and Cornwall Arts Collective to merge in 2024

CHAA Membership Registration Begins

Membership Registration and Renewal is now open for the Cornwall-Highlands Arts Alliance!

CHAA will be offering 3 levels of membership. 

  • Member Artist Level: $40 per calendar year*

  • Student Artist Level: $15 per calendar year*

  • Supporter Level: $25 per calendar year*


Member Artist and Student Artist Benefits: 

  • Participation in two (2) member exhibitions per year free of charge

  • Monthly Meet-ups with demonstrations and talks free of charge

  • Member Directory on website

  • Priority given for exhibitions and events

  • Promotion of events in which members are involved that are not CHAA events (i.e. solo exhibitions)


Supporter Level Benefits: 

  • Welcome to join Monthly Meet-ups with demonstrations and talks free of charge

  • Featured on website

  • Organizations and businesses at Supporter Level can have events promoted on CHAA social media and mailing lists.


* Memberships will still be by calendar year - January 1st through December 31st of each year. Membership renewal is every January. Join today and your membership is active through December 2024!


All new members - and those renewing from Highlands Arts Alliance and Cornwall Arts Collective - will need to fill out the registration form. Click the button below for the registration form.


Regardless of their separation by Storm King Mountain, the Cornwall and Highlands communities have always been interconnected. HAA and CAC already share a number of members and invite all other members to participate in their respective exhibitions and cultural events. So it was only natural that both groups would eventually join together, unified in their shared mission to support the Arts, promote member artists and help to enhance the quality of community life with the Arts.

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Based in New York's historic Hudson River Valley, Highlands Arts Alliance is a not-for-profit community group dedicated to supporting and promoting the arts in and around the Town of Highlands.

Nestled between the Storm King and Bear mountains, the communities of Highland Falls, Fort Montgomery and West Point have long played host to numerous artists, writers, musicians and performers. It is with this in mind that HAA was founded.

Our mission is to raise awareness and support for the many talented creators in and around the Town of Highlands, NY, through such avenues as public and virtual exhibitions, community outreach, demonstrations and speaking events, all while providing a network of encouragement for HAA members.


In addition, we also endorse and aim to support arts education within the Highlands Falls - Fort Montgomery Central School District, and enhance community life through art.

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Thank You to our Sponsors:

323 Main Street 

Highland Falls, NY 10928


302 Main Street 

Highland Falls, NY 10928

313 Main Street 

Highland Falls, NY 10928

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